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March  27  Sprint Car Practice Only for Air Capital Shootout  6pm - 9pm   BG Products of Kansas "Quick Time" 8pm

March  28  Pepsi Presents: Air Capital Shootout:  NCRA Sprint Car Series $5,000 To Win plus the Non Wing W.O.W. Sprints  7pm

April   4 - 5  Open Practice: 1pm - 5pm

April   11  Park City Presents "Spring Flash and Smash:"  Flat Track Motorcycle Races & Bolt & Chain Car Demolition Derby  7pm 

April   12  Open Practice:  1pm - 5pm

April   15  Wednesday Night Practice Begins:  6pm - 8pm

April   17  Spring Scramble:  NCRA Modified Series, Street Stock, Thumper  7pm

April   18  Spring Scramble:  NCRA Modified Series, NCRA Sprint Car Series  7pm

April   25   Kwik Shop, Kroger Accounting Service, March of Dimes Season Opener:  Qualifying Heat Races: 2pm  Feature Events: 7pm  (Sprint Cars, 305 Sprints, Modified, AAAModified, Rookie Modified, Street Stock, Thumper, Mod Lite, Hornet)









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General Manager C. Ray Hall.  1997 Auto Racing Promoter of the Year.  Eight-time Regional Promoter of the Year.  President of the National Championship Racing Association.  2015 marks his 44th year as the person in charge of daily operations.  In 2009, Hall was inducted into the Wichita Sports Hall of Fame.  He is also a member of the 81 Speedway Hall of Fame.


EMT Diane Sanders.  Diane has been with the speedway as the head EMT of the Emergency Staff now for 9 seasons. 


Mylisa Powers:  Check-In, Scoring, Concessions, Points, Pay, Web Master, Contingencies, are all just a few of the positions Mylisa is in charge of.  While growing up at the speedway and being the niece of General Manager C. Ray Hall, Mylisa is starting her 26th year as a full-time employee in 2015. 


Track official Dick Coleman.  Dick is responsible for most of the track watering on race days.  During race programs Dick is the track official in turn one.  When asked how many years he has been with the speedway, his reply was; "Since there was dirt."  Dick is a member of the 81 Speedway Hall of Fame.


Parts Trailer....Doug Wiss.  You can find Doug working the speedway Parts Trailer in the infield every race day.  Doug is another in a line of speedway personnel who have extended well past the 30 year mark with the speedway.  Doug was inducted into the 81 Speedway Hall of Fame in 2011.


Track Announcer Warren Hardy.  Hardy will be starting his 33rd season with the speedway in 2015.  He started with the speedway as the infield announcer, then moved into the "Condo" as the play-by-play announcer where he is today.  Hardy was inducted into the Wichita, Ks. Sports Hall of Fame in 2010 and the 81 Speedway Hall of Fame in 2012.  Hardy has also been recognized twice as one of the top 40 most influential people in Wichita Sports. (2009 & 2014).


Starter;  Josh Smith.  Josh joined the speedway 10 years ago and is now the head starter. 


Pat Gilmer.  "Cone Boy"  Pat works at the speedway throughout the week keeping things in working order.  On race night, Pat can be seen along the front straight-a-way assisting in line-ups and working the re-start cone.  Pat has been with the speedway for five seasons.


Johnny Whitmore.  Race Day Ministries. 


Mark Lary.  Mark is the Tech Inspector for the speedway.  He will be starting his 6th year in 2015.  A former Sprint Car driver, Mark's great insight comes from having been on both sides of the wall. 


Matt Stamm.  Matt will be entering his 10th year with the speedway in 2015.  Matt is the Pace Car driver during each championship feature event.  Matt also helps with East Field line-ups, marketing & advertising.


Nancy Keeler.  Nancy is in charge of the concession stand.  From scoring laps, to the fan wear trailer, Nancy has been at the speedway long enough to have done almost all there is to do at the track.  Her tenure, lets just say more than 40 years.  Nancy is a member of the 81 Speedway Hall of Fame.


Russell Keeler.  Russell's skills in building and refurbishing things is a genuine talent here at the speedway.  Russell can be found at the track early morning each race day working to update something that needs attention.  Russell, married to Nancy Keeler, are one of (8) married couples who work at the speedway every night.  How long has Russell worked at the speedway?  "Since there were lights, and maybe before!"  Russell is a member in the 81 Speedway Hall of Fame.


Sandy Coleman.  Sandy is in charge of the Fan Wear Trailer at the speedway.  Like Nancy Keeler, Sandy has been around long enough to have about done it all at the speedway.  From scoring laps to concessions to driving the fan wear trailer for years to all NCRA events, Sandy is as much 81 Speedway as anyone.  Sandy is a member of  the 81 Speedway Hall of Fame. 


Scott Coleman.  Scott is the son of Sandy and Dick Coleman.  Scott grew up at the speedway selling programs and soft drinks in the grandstand.  Today on race nights, Scott can be found in the pit area behind the back straight-a-way working the line-up board.


Sherri Hardy.  One of the most popular questions anyone ever asks at the speedway when they meet Sherri is, "How did you wind up with him!!"  Sherri is the wife of track announcer Warren Hardy and can be found working the main ticket window on race nights.  Sherri is a 30 plus year veteran with the speedway.  She has known Hardy longer than that.....the poor girl!


Troy Keeler.  Troy is the son of Russell and Nancy Keeler.  Troy is the VIP chief at the hospitality area on race nights.  Troy can also be found in the starters stand, working the infield area, beer garden, or any other place at the speedway that needs assistance on any given night.  Troy is another family member who grew up at the speedway selling programs and popcorn in the stands.



Sunny Nichelson.  You can find Sonny at the Pit Area window during early evening check-in, then up in the "Condo" as scoring the races.  Sunny has been with the speedway for more than a decade.


Back from a stand with Volusia County Speedway in Fla, Scott Stiles returns for his 3rd season as the infield announcer bringing along with him his best impression of Neil Dymond greatest hits!!



Amy Nulf.  Amy has been with the speedway now for four years.  Multi tasking, Amy helps with ticket sales, concessions and post race pay out.


John Elam, Hutchinson, Ks.  John has been with the speedway since 1998.  John is one of the official Starters at the speedway and is often a member of the traveling personnel for out-of-town races.  When not at the track, John enjoys riding his Harley


Terry.  (Yes, every track has one.)  Though Terry has limited visibility at the track these days, he will always be a member of its fraternity and a figure often talked about from his many years of service, doing much of what others did'nt want any part of.



Mike Roeder, Newton, Ks.  While Mike retired from the speedway a few years ago, he is another of those who will always be a member of the fraternity known as 81 Speedway. Mike was active with the speedway for more than 30 years working as a Fire and Rescue person on race nights.  There was nothing at the speedway Mike didnt think he could fix, though most of his work only lasted a couple of weeks before professional attention was needed to restore it to proper working condition.  Mike can still be found at the speedway today enjoying the people, racers and his love for the sport. 













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